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LOCATION 65º 20'N 114º 01'W

Peterson's Point Lake Lodge (PPLL) is located on the south-west end of Point Lake where

the taiga shield meets the southern arctic eco-zone. Stunted forests grow in sheltered areas and valleys until they merge with the rolling hills of the tundra. This unique eco-system provides a rich environment for many animals, birds and fish species to call home, some only inhabit the area seasonally, like us! Thankfully, not much has changed since the glaciers moved over this area to create this awe-inspiring landscape.

PPLL overlooks a mile-long sand esker and Point Lake, from here you can glimpse that Point lake is one of the largest lakes on the Coppermine River system, which winds its way over 525 miles (845 kms) to the Arctic Ocean. The size is impressive, spanning approximately 71 miles long and 2 miles wide, with the exception of Pointless Island a landmass smack dab in the middle of Point Lake. The island is 9 miles long x 8 miles wide. Point Lake has deep drop-offs, up to 300' and shallow rocky shorelines, which offers ideal habitat for lake trout. Two prominent rivers flow into Point Lake, the Itchen the Sagvak River.

You can see why this location was selected to welcome people from around the world ~ so that they can catch monster-sized fish or photograph the caribou migration, be awestruck by the northern lights and capture the barrens in its autumn splendour. In the summer, the sun never sets and in the fall the aurora borealis is often seen dancing across the sky. We invite you to join us this year.

Google map showing the location of Peterson lodge - the lodge is actually straight up, in front of the small pond and right on the waterfront.



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