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Whether you want to come as a angler companion, book a custom/self-directed experience, register for our Arctic Photography Workshop or simply come to bear witness to the natural beauty; the animals; the living landscape and display of northern lights will leave you awestruck.
The scenery is incredible, in the summer, this is the land where the sun never sets and in the autumn the aurora dance in the sky.  The beauty of the barrens captivates all who travel the distance to experience it.

Quite the contrary to the definition of 'barren' and notion that the barren lands is flat and lifeless!  Peterson's Point Lake Lodge (PPLL) is located on the south-west end of Point Lake where the taiga shield meets the barrens (southern arctic ecozone). Stunted forests grow in sheltered areas and valleys until they merge with the rolling hills created from glacial retreat. This unique eco-system provides the environment for many animals, birds and fish species to call home, some only inhabit the area seasonally, like us! Thankfully, not much has changed since the glaciers moved over this area to create this awe-inspiring landscape.


Arctic Wildlife


Every summer barren-ground caribou migrate from the calving grounds near the Arctic coast towards the treeline. Peterson's Point Lake Lodge lies in the midst of their migration route. Travelling along time honoured trails, caribou pass through Point Lake area each season. You can see their trails carved into the landscape. Wolves inhabit the area and den in the nearby sand eskers, following their primary food source - caribou. Grizzly bears, moose and the elusive wolverine can be seen on the rolling terrain, near the shore of Point Lake or foraging in the valleys where stunted trees and dwarf willow grow.

Our professional guides, with years of spotting experience, will scout for wildlife on daily excursions. We travel by boat and on foot to visit locations known for wildlife sightings. Smaller mammals like the Sic Sic, Arctic Hare, Red Fox, Otter and Weasel are also seen by those with sharp eyes. Migratory birds like falcons, hawks, eagles, swans, loons, as well as ptarmigan, sparrows and warblers are commonly sighted around the lodge.

Wildlife PDF


For a list of common wildlife sightings, see our checklist - download PDF.




Northern Lights / Aurora Borealis



The Northwest Territories is revered as the best place to view the northern nights - under the auroral oval. Statistics say they are visible here over 240 nights a year! And, it just so happens that Peterson's Point Lake Lodge is located within this magical sphere - here you can further your aurora watching possibilities, away from the city lights and crowds of tourists, plus there's capturing the radiance of the barrens in autumn colours. It's the perfect setting to experience the wonder of the northern lights as they dance across the sky.

The northern lights can be seen with the naked eye, but with a little help from the camera and your guide, you should be able to capture the ever-changing bands, curtains and swirling shapes of greens, pinks, and purples.

With a relatively dry climate to enhance the night sky viewing, sweeping landscapes, and a lake right outside your cabin door for reflections, the sheer number of stars and milky way photography will just add to your night time shooting experiences.  Workshops are timed to maximize your possible aurora experiences as well as moonrises over the lake. Take advantage of this remote, uncrowded and beautiful location to experiment with light painting, star-trails, time-lapse or just sit back and enjoy the show.





The barrens is an amazing feature in and of itself and, when it changes in the autumn the vibrant colours are breath-taking, imagine walking in a landscape of radiant crimson. The berries are ripe for the picking and there is plenty to harvest - blueberries, cranberries, crowberries - both guests and staff alike regularly harvest them while on excursion to incorporate into lodge meals or take home.


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Arctic Photography Workshop

Suitable for all level of photographers participants will learn tips and techniques for photographing the colourful autumn tundra, stunning landscapes and Arctic wildlife. During daily excursions, where you will be hiking and/or travelling by boat to various locations to scout for wildlife, and search out intricate macro compositions, Cheryl will offer advice to fit the ever- changing environment and weather conditions.  She will work within the group dynamic as well as one-on-one focus on individual photographic interests.  If you want more assistance, Cheryl is there to guide and assist you in all things photographic.  Group participation is voluntary and guests who prefer more independent shooting are certainly welcome.

This workshop is open to all kinds of photographers, topics covered will include macro and landscape photography; wildlife and aurora photography; composition and exposure, as well as editing in Lightroom.  Client photo review sessions are encouraged, and an informative part of the workshop activities.  In addition to learning about the technical side of photography, and post-processing, time will also be spent on the creative and artistic side of photography in a casual positive manner. We will review controlling depth of field, reading the Histogram and camera settings.   Depending on interest we may also cover HDR, panoramic stitching, light painting, star trails, using Grad and polarizing filters, and much more.  Our small group size makes learning enjoyable. Sessions are relaxed, and participation is encouraged, but non compulsory.

Please see our Photography Rates and Package Page for more details.


"A fabulous stay. The tundra and its critters were remarkable. The aurora breathtaking and the hospitality warm and inviting. After visiting the Arctic multiple times in the past 30 years, this was a highlight. "

Dr. Wayne Lynch, Calgary, AB

Photo Guide

Cheryl Stewart has over 40 years of photographic experience in various forms. She has worked in a custom-printing lab, done photographic restorations, worked as a baby photographer, shot weddings, family portraits, done commercial photography in addition to her exceptional amount of experience photographing nature and wildlife. She has attended numerous photography workshops, and has travelled with and learned from a wide variety of professional photographers.

Her love of travel and the outdoors has led her to locations around the world, from the Northern coast of Alaska to the Southern seas of Antarctica, always with cameras in tow. Her images have been used on magazine covers, in corporate offices, calendars, Christmas cards & jigsaw puzzles, and they hang in numerous homes and businesses across Canada and the US.

Cheryl has developed an easy going, patient and flexible strategy to help with any level of photographer.
For more information and to see some of her images, please visit: LivingSkiesPhotography.com | Living Skies Facebook Page.com, Cheryl can be contacted directly at: livingskiesphotography@live.com

Itinerary in Brief - 8 DAYS/ 7 NIGHTS

This package includes: Two nights in Yellowknife, followed by five nights at Peterson’s Point Lake Lodge as well as round trip float plane flight between Yellowknife and our lodge.

Day 1 - 2

Explore Yellowknife, the capital of the Northwest Territories and surrounding area with local experts where you will learn about the building of this gold mining town to the diamond capital it is today. You will also see local art and learn about the history and culture of the people that make this area unique. Enjoy a boating tour on Great Slave Lake and fish fry or guided hike on the Ingraham Trail. Evenings are designated to photographing the northern lights. 

Day 3 - Arial Flight & Arrival at Peterson’s Point Lake Lodge.

Our Staff will pick you up to enjoy lakeside complimentary continental breakfast of fresh fruit, freshly baked bannock, preserves & celebratory beverage before your scenic float plane flight to Peterson’s Point Lake Lodge.  Upon your arrival, our team will provide an introduction and safety brief over lunch.  After a guided tour of the lodge and getting settled into your assigned cabin there is time for a nearby hiking excursion.

Day 4 - 7 – Photography/Hiking/Trekking the barrens/Wildlife

Guided and daily excursions in the field spend photo-shooting. Evenings enjoy the clear night sky for northern lights photography.

Day 8 – Departure return to Yellowknife

If you love wildlife, awe-inspiring night skies, breathtaking landscapes & want to enhance your photography skills, click the “Sign Me UP!” button now because this workshop will sell out fast.

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We recommended a overnight stay in Yellowknife the evening before and after.

This package is 100% weather dependent and adjustment to flights and daily activities may occur as a result of inclement weather and/or other uncontrollable factors.

Natural events such as aurora and wildlife sighting are beyond our control.  Photographers are invited to come with this knowledge and the understanding that our lodge and package offerings is located in a vast land and as populations, migratory patterns and weather fluctuates the numbers and frequency of seeing animals can vary, factored in with length of stay. There will be nights that unfortunately we won’t see the northern lights and days that wildlife may not be spotted. We’ll do our best to set ourselves up for success and invite photographers to have an open mind and adaptability to take advantage of all photo opportunities, be it macro, landscape and other.

We highly recommend all guests ensure they have emergency medical coverage prior to visiting the lodge and have trip/travel insurance.

Please check with our office for availability prior to booking your flight to Yellowknife

"Our thanks to the Peterson family for such an amazing trip. If you go to Trip Advisor, you will see that their two outfits, My Backyard Tours and Peterson’s Point Lake Lodge, they have the highest ratings possible on Trip Advisor. They are good. So so really good."

Elston & Jackie Hill, 2018

"The Peterson Lodge is such a unique experience it is hard to describe to people who have never been to the big north much less the tundra. It is truly a trip we will remember forever.  As I said to Amanda when we arrived back in Yellowknife, we went up as customers,  we returned as family sharing hugs with everyone. So special!!"

Joe Horler 2018