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Two people walking towards their guest cabins at after their day fishing at a Northwest Territories Fishing lodge, beautiful summer day with blue skies and white puffy clouds.

Peterson's Point Lake Lodge

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A happy angler getting his photo taken hugging a trophy lake trout at an NWT fishing lodge in Canada's Northwest Territories.

World-Class Lake Trout Fishing

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A photo of a small herd of caribou bulls grazing on the barrenlands surrounded by fall colours taken by a photographer during an Arctic photography tour

Wildlife, Aurora, Fall Colors & Spectacular Landscapes

Join us August 28- September 02, 2023

Photography Workshop

Photo Credit: Cheryl Stewart

Aurora-Tours-far away from City lights, the Northern lights shine with Bands-Curtains-and shooting star over Peterson's Point Lake Lodge Lodge in Canada

Under the Auroral Oval

The Magic of the Northern Lights

Arctic Aurora Experience

Photo Credit: Cheryl Stewart

Peterson's Point Lake Lodge Canada Northwest Territories summer time

Peterson's Point Lake Lodge

Spectacular, Renowned, Legendary

Your Home Away From Home

People on sand esker taking photos and over looking Point Lake and the barrens after hiking on a sand esker

Hiking a Tundra Esker

Canada's Arctic

Photography Workshop

Photo Credit: Roberto Serrini

Extraordinary Barrenland Adventures. Small Groups

Welcome to Peterson’s Point Lake Lodge. We’re known as the best lake trout fishing lodge in the Northwest Territories, where lake trout are hungry to strike. Our Arctic Photography tours are increasingly popular and our hiking tours, where you can walk on time-honoured caribou trails, both offer a multi-experience adventure without sacrificing comfort. If you’re interested in seeing the northern lights, want to get away from the crowds and city lights, there’s no better aurora viewing location; our aurora tours are a natural part of your stay with front row seating right from your cabin. Point Lake is steeped in history including Sir John Franklin’s search for the northwest passage and it is also the home to some of the oldest rocks on earth. Join us and enjoy the best of Canada’s Northwest Territories experiences, all the while enjoying award-winning customer service in the comfort of our lodge.

Trophy Lake Trout Fishing Trips | Aurora viewing | Wildlife Photography Workshops | Hiking Tours

Our packages are built around the changing of the seasons. Summer and fall happen all too fast – within ten weeks a year. Needless to say, it’s a short window to experience mother nature’s striking beauty. The seasons are short and intense – that’s life in the Arctic. We invite you to come and experience this spectacular place while staying in the comforts of our lodge. The experience may very well inspire you to return to do it all over again, just like George. We’re open July through September.

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Group of six canoeists paddling the Coppermine River, crossing Point Lake

Paddling the Coppermine River

Planning on paddling/canoeing the Coppermine River? We're happy to look at splitting or sharing charter flights, providing accommodations and/or assist with transporting needed supplies. Please contact us to discuss your personalized requirements.
A geologist is walking towards a helicopter hovering above ground in field. Drums on ground.

Exploration, Geological & Geomatics

Contact us if you're looking at doing some work in the Point Lake area. From treeline surveys to geomatics we can offer our services that can help ease the expenses and logistics of setting up a camp. Give us a call to speak with us about your personalized requirements.

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Top 10 Tips - Macro photography is all about showcasing a subject larger than it is in real life — an extreme close-up of something small. There are dedicated Macro lenses and extension tubes to use with your existing lenses, both will help you get closer and “enlarge” the flower, bug, berry, or whatever subject of your choosing, so you can ...

Trophy Lake Trout & Arctic Grayling - Whether you prefer lots of action and aim to catch smaller lake trout or want to break the 58lb record, Peterson's Point Lake Lodge offers both experiences. In the waters of Point Lake, trout are found in shallow water all summer long (15’ - 25’) making them the hardest fighting most aggressive fresh water ...

Canada's Wild Arctic - Northwest Territories Barrenlands The barren lands is an amazing feature in and of itself and, when it changes in the autumn, the vibrant colours are breath-taking. Imagine walking in a landscape of radiant crimson. Peterson's Point Lake Lodge (PPLL) is located on the south-west end of Point Lake where the taiga shield ...

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