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Arctic Grayling

Thymallus arcticus

Photo Credit: Cole Foster

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Arctic Grayling are a feisty fish; they hit hard and are extraordinarily fun to catch! Lucky for us, the small lake located right behind our guest cabins is full of Arctic Grayling where you can fish from shore or use one of the available canoes. We recommend going out in the evening after supper, unless you need to rest up after having spent the day fishing for trophy lake trout on Point Lake.

Although Arctic grayling, Thymallus arcticus, inhabit pristine cold water lakes, they are more commonly found near the mouths of rivers. Our location offers both fishing opportunities – both lake and river. There are a couple of tributaries that flow into Point Lake that are teeming with these pretty fish with their distinctive sail-like dorsal fin.

Their diet is comprised mainly of insects and, as a result, offers some of the best sport fly fishing. They are energetic fighters, putting up a good battle for their size. They can reach sizes more than 20” (30-40 cm), and can weigh up to 5 lbs. Their tendency to leap out of the water when caught, their readiness to take hook, their soft mouth, their beauty and good taste, all make the grayling a fun to catch.

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Fishing Gear & Techniques

A fly fishing rod or lightweight rod with spin casting reel and No. 6 yellow 5 of diamonds always gets a lot of action. Please see below details for more specific fly fishing equipment and tips.

Fly Fishing Equipment & Tips

  • Rod: Weight 4-6 trout rods.
  • Line: Floating lines are used almost exclusively since grayling in either flowing or still waters will readily take dry flies even when there is no obvious ‘hatch’. Even during caddis, midge or mayfly emergencies you likely won’t encounter ‘selective feeding’.
  • Flies: If one were limited to one fly pattern it should be a size 14 or 12 Parachute Adams.

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