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There’s nothing like the feeling that you’re hooked on the bottom. Until you realize you’re in over 100′ of water and some monster lake trout takes your lure and runs!

There is a lot of room to roam over the 192,000 acres of water to fish but you don’t have to spend all day getting to the great fishing spots. Within twenty minutes you’ll have your line in the water.

Trophy lake trout is our specialty and Point Lake is teaming with them. Typically ice free by the second week in July Point Lake offers the ideal environment to fish for trophy lake trout. The lake has deep drop-offs, up to 300′ and shallow rocky shorelines, offering the ideal habitat for lake trout.

It’s a different game fishing for lake trout up here because the fish are found in shallow water all summer long, making them some of the most hardest fishing, most aggressive fish you’ve been hooked into. It also leads way to making for some fantastic fly-fishing opportunities.

It’s no wonder that MonsterQuest sent wildlife biologist Dick Sternberg to investigate the giant lake trout that eluded angler Conrad Pilon. After struggling to reel in a fish he had on the line for hours the fish eventually got away when his equipment couldn’t take the tension and snapped. This is one of the reasons a minimum of 25lb test line is recommended.

Aside from the legendary story and others like it there have been many that have been successfully caught and released.

Largest trout caught on record at Peterson’s Point Lake Lodge: 58 lbs!

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