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We have everything you need to view the magic of the night sky – the Northern Lights

The Northern Lights are one of the most incredible displays of natural beauty and wonder in the world. What makes the Northwest Territories the best place in the world to see the Northern Lights? It’s more than just the experiences and testimonies from people who have traveled far and wide to witness their beauty. This ideal geographic location is also rooted in astronomical science.

A large part of the NWT falls under the Auroral Oval, a specific zone in the atmosphere where the earth’s magnetic field lines concentrate the strongest Northern Lights activity. The result? The  Northern Lights appear in the NWT skies more than 230 nights a year, more than anywhere else in North America! Combined with the generally low humidity and extended hours of darkness in the fall and winter, the Northwest Territories skies are ideal for aurora viewing.

Peterson’s Point Lake Lodge in the barren lands

Peterson’s Point Lake Lodge is undoubtedly the best place to experience the Northern Lights in the fall. Out in the barren lands, arguably the least populated region in the NWT, our lodge is far from just about everything, including residual light from the city and crowds of people. Here, the Northern Lights can easily be seen in their most vibrant colours, vivid and active across wide swathes of the night sky. The appearance of the aurora can be sudden, which makes the benefit of an Aurora Lodge even more attractive. At Peterson’s Point Lake Lodge, you can enjoy your evenings viewing the dark night sky, while only being steps away from the comforts of your cabin, suite or from the lodge aurora viewing deck. Even when the viewing conditions are not ideal, the aurora can sometimes be seen through the cloud, making for some interesting photo opportunities. Of course you can always take time to enjoy the wood-fired sauna while you’re waiting for the lights to come out to play.

Having a lakeside location can provide you the opportunity to capture aurora reflections creating another element for your photography compositions. Being lakeside also offers the unique experience as you feel as though you’re surrounded by the beauty of nature’s light show.

Don’t miss the NWT’s Fall aurora season

There is just a short window of opportunity to witness the spectacular northern nights at Peterson’s Point Lake Lodge. Whether you prefer a five night stay to experience our Arctic Photography Workshop, or opt for our three night Aurora Experience, both packages offer a ground to sky experience, timed to coincide with brilliant autumn colours that blanket the landscape during the heart of the NWT’s Fall aurora season.

Fall is stunning on the barrens, and this time of year provides comfortable conditions for viewing the Northern Lights. Imagine staying with us at Peterson’s Point Lake Lodge, gazing upwards at a time where the midnight sun bids farewell for another year, and welcoming the dark nights return. During this time of year, the nights are still warm enough to marvel at the Aurora for hours. Plus, there are a wide variety of outdoor daytime activities to enjoy including hiking, fishing and boating tours on Point Lake. The lodge facilities will keep you cozy after a day in nature with amenities like our wood-fired sauna, lounge and northern library. 

Capture your Aurora Memories

Our trips also include the opportunity to learn how to photograph the Northern Lights so you can get those bucket list photography shots with whatever equipment you have. Picking the right location and conditions to view the northern lights are certainly key considerations in choosing your aurora viewing destination. We will also teach you the inside scoop of translating the magic of the aurora on camera. You don’t just receive front row seats to the light show, there are great chances for you to capture some of the north’s most beautiful wildlife including the iconic caribou, wolves, the elusive wolverine, grizzly bears and moose. No matter what your experience as a photographer, this package is for everyone who enjoys the outdoors.

Seeing the Northern Lights in the NWT is an experience that simply can not be put into words. Our guests often tell us that if you haven’t seen the dancing aurora fill the sky with the ribbons, bands and curtains of colour above the barrens, void of light pollution, then you simply haven’t seen the Northern Lights in their true splendor. Peterson’s Point Lake Lodge is without a doubt the best place to see the the Northern Lights deep in an equally stunning part of Canada’s North.

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