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Lake Trout Fishing and Arctic Grayling Fishing

Whether you prefer lots of action and aim to catch smaller lake trout or want to break the 58lb record, Peterson’s Point Lake Lodge offers both experiences. Throughout the summer, Point Lake offers lake trout fishing enthusiasts the opportunity to catch trophy fish in shallow water. Getting a strike from a lake trout at a depth range of 20-25′ makes for a exciting catch and a lot of action; they’re known for their aggressive hard fighting spirit.

Lake Trout

Likely you are already familiar with some facts about lake trout but for good measure we’re including some details about the species, in addition to nutritional information for your general and culinary interests

Lake Trout, Salvelinus namaycush, means ‘an old name for char’ ‘tyrant of the lake’.

They are a member of the salmon family, inhabiting large lakes and are silver, green or dark purple in colour. Their flesh can be orange or white in colour pending on diet. The smaller lake trout have orange-red flesh, this is a result of a concentration of flies, insects and crustaceans in their diet. On the other hand, larger trout commonly have white coloured flesh due to consuming other fish. They pursue and devour large prey, including other trout, as well as species like grayling, whitefish and ciscoe’s. No lure is too big or too fast for these ferocious carnivores. Trout in the far north do not begin spawning until 7-13 years of age. Typically, they spawn in the fall every second or third year. They are the only member of the Salmon family that spends its’ entire life cycle in lakes.

Preferred temperature is 50-60ºF

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Arctic Grayling

Arctic grayling, Thymallus arcticus, are found throughout most of the mainland in the Northwest Territories. They generally inhabit only those lakes and rivers with clear cold water. In large lakes they stay close to rocky shores and near the mouths of streams. Their most distinctive feature is a large and colourful dorsal fin. The back is dark purple or bluish-black, shading to silver on the sides (speckled with a few black spots) and white below

There are opportunities to fish for Arctic Grayling at one of the tributaries that flow into Point Lake or in the small lake behind your cabin.

Arctic grayling can reach sizes more than 20” (30-40 cm), and can weigh up to 5 lbs.

Their diet is comprised of insects, as a result offer some of the best sport fly fishing. They are energetic fighters, putting up a good battle for their size. Their tendency to leap out of the water when caught, their readiness to take hook, their soft mouth, their beauty and good taste, all make the grayling a very popular sport fish.

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Shore Lunch

Besides being fun to catch, you likely know those shore lunches prove to be good for your body in addition to your piece of mind. Lake Trout is a good source of protein and vitamin B. Fatty fish such as lake trout and arctic char contain omega-3 fatty acids, which aid against heart disease and may help prevent cancer. Whether your preference is to barbecue; dry; smoke; bake, cure or cook over an open fire, you’re bound to enjoy this tasty meal!

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